The Keele 伊斯兰中心

The Keele 伊斯兰中心 was established in its current location in 2006 as a means of offering the Muslim community at Keele a place to worship and socialise. We welcome all denominations and both genders.


We host regular activities:

  • In term time, most of the daily prayers are offered congregationally. You can download the monthly prayer timetable here.
  • Friday prayer services are offered throughout the year, beginning between 1pm and 1.30pm, depending on the season.
  • During the fasting month of Ramadan, staff and students collectively have the end-of-fast (iftar) meals here, and the night vigil prayers (tarawih) are offered too.
  • In addition, the 伊斯兰中心 is home to study and discussion circles for both males and females as well as regular socials.
  • We also occasionally host visiting speakers and offer short courses in the Islamic sciences.

The use of the 伊斯兰中心 is open to all Muslims and their guests. We hope to see you here!


访问 to the 伊斯兰中心 is obtained by KeeleCard. Use the button below to register your card.


We are located in front of 巴恩斯 Hall and opposite the Sports Fields on campus.


Keele is an inclusive and diverse institution, where people of faith and no faith are valued equally. As well as the Islamic faith space, we have a Muslim Chaplain here at Keele - read her profile here. If you'd like to find out about faith provision more generally at Keele, take a look at the 信仰和礼拜堂牧师 web pages